My Photography
Portraits - I'm an on-location photographer focusing on families, couples, and children. I aim to capture the moments, emotions and the little things that make life beautiful and extraordinary.

Landscapes - The natural world is what inspires me. Everything from a beautiful sunset to human interactions. It happens every day, and I want to be there when it does.

My Story
I was born and raised in a small town in Virginia, called Covington, where I attended high school and graduated the class of 2000. At eighteen years old, I joined the United States Air Force and after a brief seven-week layover in basic training in San Antonio, Texas, I moved on to Frankfurt, Germany. I spent three years in Frankfurt and met my U.K born wife, Oddette. Uncle Sam told me that I had to leave all the good beer and bratwurst, so Dover "Del-a-where" was the next step. While finishing up my six-year service in Dover, I had the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders that a desert deployment had to offer, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. At that time, I encountered an unfortunate fall which has left me with back issues to this day.

My military life behind me at the end of 2006, I became a stay at home husband. I dealt with my own inner demons for a few years, and a new physical and sometimes even psychological handicap, I found a new me and decided to look toward photography. Not my proudest moment. It was a means of expression that I feel that I had lost.

My daughter Kyra was born in January of 2011 and I moved from a broken stay at home husband, to a stay at home father with a purpose. After two years of teaching myself photography for personal and professional reasons, here I sit, more focused, accepting and with a passion for the beauty that surrounds us each and every day of our lives.

I now reside in the fascinating Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where there's no shortness of beauty or great people. Augusta County and surrounding areas are a treasure trove of hidden photo opportunities just waiting to be captured.

Every moment happens only once, I try to capture the best of them.