Favorite Destination.... so far

I'm not a big time world traveler but I've been across the pond a time or two and I wanted to share my favorite destination with you. Back in June of this year, I visited the Peak District of England. Right in the heart of the country, the area is known for attracting vacationers and wide open vistas. Every day was a new location and something fantastic to photograph.

I'm a huge landscape guy and my best day of shooting came on a warm but windy evening atop a peak called Curbar Edge. There with my father-in-law, whom is a well seasoned outdoor hiker and nature lover in his own right, we trekked up to the top of the peak to see the many miles of land that the land had to offer... and we were not disappointed. With the wind in our face and a lay of the land, we both were happy campers that day. All the other missed out on something amazing and never will the view be exactly the same as it was then.

Where is your favorite destination? Leave a comment below to share.

Curbar Edge 2Curbar Edge 2

Curbar EdgeCurbar Edge


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