My 5 Must Have Apps

First and foremost, I don’t care about these smartphone debates or their fanboys. Each branding has their own pros and cons whether it’s a Windows Phone, iPhone or Android. I just happen to own a Android. A Galaxy S4 to be more precise.
With that out of the way. I’d like to share five important apps to me. 
I’m the type of person who doesn’t use their smartphone for games. My phone is for information gathering, a bit of music and the occasional phone call. (duh).
1. AutomateIt Pro (
This app is a life saver for me. It does all sorts of minor tasks for me when certain events happen. For example, I want my volume at max when I launch my navigation app while I’m in the car. DONE. Do you want your phone to get quieter at night when you’re in bed. DONE. How about disable screen rotation (an annoyance of mine) except when you launch a certain application like Youtube or a video player. Yeah, it has that easily covered too.
Automate it does have a free version but I think that it’s limited until you upgrade to pro for a few dollars. C’mon, you spent more on coffee last week then this app will cost.
2. SyncMe Wireless (
I use this app to sync my music from my computer to my S4 by itself. Within the app, I have a schedule for a automatic sync to happen at midnight and any music added (or taken away) from my PC will be reflected on my phone. Easy as that. There are many options to sort things out the way that you’re comfortable with and it’s been working like a champ since the start!
I’m currently only using the free version. I haven’t had the need to pay for the pro version.
3. Cerberus (
The complete Anti-Theft application. Let’s face it, our entire lives are online and connected to our smartphones. We need to protect that data. This app is the solution for me. Install it on your phone, set it up and “hide” it. No one that doesn’t have the right will be able to remove it from your phone and everything can be controlled, tracked or traced from their site. All is very simple to use. You will need to purchase this one, but isn’t your security worth it? You wouldn’t install a deadbolt on the from door of your home that someone handed you on the street would you?
4. Google Keep (
Have a great idea? Need a grocery list? It’s a mobile notepad. You get the idea. I know that Evernote exists and some folks love it… I’m just not one of them. This is all I need/want.
5. Camera App
No climactic finale here. Just the good ol’ camera app. With life whirring at lightspeed, it’s often the most readily available camera. So for those quick snaps of my daughter or where the Elf on a Shelf has been hiding this year, whatever the reason, I’m all about snapping a few photos for the cause. And no I’ve never taken a “selfie” nor will I ever. 


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