Trying my hand at Maternity Photos

This post has swam around in my head on whether I should even write this up and share the images with others, but after a bit of arguing with myself, I've come to the conclusion that it's the thing to do. This is showing my progress as a photographer and good or bad, I want to share my experience.

The biggest debate that I had is that the images are of my wife while she is pregnant with our second daughter, Kacey. I wanted to make sure that it was something that I was comfortable with sharing as much as she was. The fact of the matter is, that I'm quite proud of these images, even if they're not as stellar as can be shot from someone who does this day in and day out. Growth and practice....  

I can't convince myself that these are just regular run-of-the-mill portraits. They're not.... well not to me. The same as wedding photos aren't. They're special and can/will only happen once in this person or families lives. This is serious to me. It requires thought and planning and a end vision to achieve a desired result.

I want them to be captivating, meaningful, artistic and any other appropriate adjective that serves the mood. If this was a client and I was charging money for the session, I want the experience to render thoughts of enjoyment and satisfaction in getting the shots taken with me as their photographer, not of a financial waste of time with disappointing results. Who would??...

So, without further ado, and keeping in mind that this is a soulful, yet first attempt, I give you the photographs of an awaiting mother.


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