Are you looking for somewhere to shoot??....

If you're not sure of where to go shoot this weekend, or if you'd like to look up some great scenic shots while you're on vacation, then I may have a great site for you!

Like all landscape photographers, we all have our bucket list of places that we want to visit/shoot before we go, but for a weekend trip and staying fairly local, finding new ground is sometimes quite a challenge. Well not anymore!

This new site is in BETA as of this post, but it's still worth checking out. The site is called ShotHotSpot and the locations are curated by you and other users. Don't worry about content not being available. They were smart about it and already pulled data from existing sites like Flickr and Panoramio that's been there for years now. 

So, if you want to be a weekend warrior or are planning your next excursion then give ShotHotSpot a look.

If this helped you, let me know below.


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