The Ice Light Alternative

From the first time that I saw the Westcott 5500 Ice Light, I knew that it was something that would be great to have in a pinch for rim lighting and even fill light. However, there was no way I could afford nor pay $500 for one... or even the two that I wanted. I'm sure that larger studios with a bigger budget can grab these name-brand items, but not the average person or photo junkie that's just starting out.

Some of the key features for me was that it was daylight balanced, LED and rechargeable. So that's what I set off to find. Sure there are a number of great DIY (Do It Yourself) projects out there that will get you there, but why DIY it when you can buy 2 of them for less than the DIY?

I have come across (via Lifehacker), what seems to be a fantastic alternative, that I just picked up 2 for $20. It's the OXYLed Q6 Portable Lamp on Amazon. If you use the link provided and code "TI5ZUYPG" on checkout, then you will get 2 for the price of one! And... they're daylight balanced @ 5500K  YAY!!!


We don't know how long this promotional code will last, so I wouldn't wait too long. If you happen to miss the promotional code, then you'll be looking at $20 each, which still isn't bad at all.


That may not be an Ice Light but that's one cool deal. (Yes, yes I did just say that) 

Drop me a comment below to let me know that you found this and that it saved you a ton of money!!!


**UPDATE: I've had these lights for a few weeks now and they are worth the money. Very bright and great color. I would purchase these again if I needed to.

**UPDATE 2: Here's a quick portrait taken with two of these OXYLed lights. Room was completely dark, except for these lights. The light on the right was at 50% power around 1 to 1.5 feet away and the left side was at 75% power at about 3 feet away.

Camera Settings: 1/60th @f/2.8 ISO 400



7.Sean Thurston Photography
Thanks for the comment Chris and you're correct. There's a new product from Yongnuo that is an affordable solution as well. When this blog post was originally written, there wasn't another option but glad to see that the ICE Light has some competition now. Have a great day!
Yongnuo has a great alternative to Icelight. I bought mine from yongnuo store
it looks really good. i expect mine next week
I just purchased two from eBay. Hopeful this works!
4.Sean Thurston Photography
Hi Alex, thanks for responding. According to the Ice Light website, it provides 1160 Lumens, while this alternative provides 200 lumens. That being said, if you've purchased an LED flashlight in the past 5 years, you'll know that 200 lumens is a considerable amount. So for the majority of photographers, this will work just fine. Hope this helps.

Ice Light Specifications page:
How does the power/brightness compare to that of the icelight?
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