Dartmouth 2 - Landscape Sale - November 2016

Welcome to the first sales event for my landscape photographs. I intend to place one landscape photo on sale each month to tell the story behind it, showcase the piece and offer savings all at the same time.

Dartmouth 2

This photo is from the town of Dartmouth in the county of Devon, England. I took this photo in June of 2013 while I was there during a family vacation and we had set out to explore the Peak District of England. The town of Dartmouth resides on the western bank of the River Dart. The entire place is a tourist destination and for good reason. It's quite honestly a picturesque English town just along an estuary.


The clouds rolled across the water and the ships were too beautiful not to photograph. I loved how the sky added the mood and really brought the whole image together.

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Dartmouth 2Dartmouth 2


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