5 Tips for Taking Back to School Photos

It's closing in on that time for new haircuts, new shoes, new clothes and a bunch of new school supplies. Whether it's your kids first day of kindergarten or their first day of high school, I have a few tips to get those memories captured!

1. Plan ahead!

it's not a complicated task to plan a shoot of this nature but a few simple things to keep in mind. Let the kids know and dress them for success. Ensure that your camera is ready with a freshly charged battery and plenty of space on the memory card.

2. Forget the word "cheese"

Cheese is what we all grew up with. It's all but natural for someone that's not in the photo world to suggest "cheese" from their subjects. Well toss that crap out the window and let's focus on a much more natural expression. The word "cheese" may make you smile if you want to call it that, but it's almost always unnatural looking. Try having the child look at his/her shoes and on the count of three, look up at the camera. I can guarantee that it'll be a better photo than "cheese". If you absolutely have to have them say something, try "mocha", you'll get a much more natural smile that way.

3. Get down on their level

There're a few staples to better your pictures when it comes to kids photos and getting down near eye level is always suggested. It's true. When we look at kids as adults we're usually looking down to them, making them look small and even timid. By placing yourself at eye level with the child, all of that goes away and that kid looks much more like a little person.

4. Be Ready

Kids are quick and get bored fast. Have your camera settings sorted before you even begin. Three to four minutes of fumbling with your camera and you've already lost their interest. 

5. Let the kids run the session

Let's be honest, you want to remember them being children and playing with toys or running through the yard. Let them! have them play a silly game like tag but in a small area. The reactions will be genuine and the photos will be great. 

These tips aren't just for school. These are tips for kids in general. Take a moment and capture those kids!


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