How I Work & What Makes Me Different

What you can expect from me is comfort and quality. That's the key factors that I have formed my business around. I want things to be as easy and memorable as possible for the people that I work for. Let me show you how I work.

The Scenario:

Mom & Dad are interested in a family portrait session and have been scouring the internet for local photographers and determining a "short list". They start reviewing the photographer's websites on the short list and checking prices, because let's be honest, price is always a factor. They can't find prices from most all of the other photographers because they all want Mom & Dad to contact them and try to wrangle them into a purchase. That's "Marketing 101". Then they look at my website where I have all of my prices and services listed so they know upfront what I offer. Then Mom and Dad realize that I also offer their photographs in digital format as well as prints! What a relief!! Mom and Dad love the way that I do business and instantly book online!

If you've searched for a photographer then you've been there. It can be mind numbing. I want to make this easy for everyone.

The Process:

I offer an Initial Consultation that is FREE of charge in case you have any questions, concerns or would just like to chat. It's available in person (like at a favorite coffee shop) or over the phone. This is completely optional.

Once you have determined which service best suits your needs then it's a simple process of booking online or give me a call and we can set things up from there. You'll answer a few questions from a questionnaire and that just helps me get to know you better. 

With the booking complete, I send over (via email) a service agreement that simply explains what I provide and what to expect as well as the session details that were sorted out during the booking.

Simple right? Next is the fun part, the shoot! During most sessions, there are unlimited wardrobe changes. We'll spend about an hour together at a location of your choice and I'll gently walk you through the process and capture those wonderful shots that you'll love.

After the session, well, you'll just sit back, relax and be awesome, while I get to work processing all the photographs. Within 48 hours you can expect to see a sneak peek on my Facebook page and other social media sites. After that, I'll have your photos done within 6-8 business days. That being said, I get a bit of tunnel vision when I start working and like to get things done for people so it's usually a lot sooner, but I may be very busy.

BAM! Your photos are done and we can schedule a Reveal Session where we can sit down together and go over the photos and talk about the shots or if you prefer, I can just deliver your private gallery link via email along with my print release.

Finally, your photos are available to download, share and purchase prints through your gallery. There are hundreds of products available. Professional print labs are at your fingertips to give you quality work at a comfortable price.

You love your photos and you tell a friend. The great news is that every successful referral earns you $25 off your next full session! AWESOME!

That's it. There's nothing more to it than that. So let's get started by heading over to my booking page and I'll talk to you soon!



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